About Us



Hi, we are Milena and Peter

Our Story
term "Superfoods" and started to
explore this path.
We tried different products but we couldn't find
everything that we wanted in one specific place.
We searched for that place ourselves but it was
not easy to find the Organic Superfoods mixes we 
wanted, so we began to combine our own blends,
and we used on ourselves and then our family and 
friends too.
We decided to share it with everybody and this
is how PolanaHerbs came to existence.
We believe in challenging status quo.
We believe in thinking differently.
If you are tired of being bombarded with thousands of flashy ads per day
Looking at another fancy, expensively packaged product which won't help you get in shape.
Glossy colourful magazines, full of "photoshopped" unnaturally looking people.
Hype marketing which claims to solve all your problems within the click of a button.
​You are in the right place.
We are focusing on what matters, and it is what's inside.
It just so happens that we combine top quality organic superfoods in blends just for You.